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im new to the community if anyone cares. i think my worst drunken moment was probably one of last summers. i was off quite a while from home totally shit-faced at a party. i ended up kissing that one guy which kind of made our friendship awkward because he had an awesome girlfriend that we both loved and it was just weird. well 2 am rolled around and i decided that i didnt want to deal with my fathers bitching in the morning and i got a ride home from someone i didnt know. camron or carter or something. he was significantly older than me (me being a young teenager) and it was a looong drive. i was veeeerrryyy lucky nothing happened, but from what my friend told me, hes quite the sketchy character. not a very fun story i guess, but very stupid on my part. ill post some fun ones later...when its not 5:15 am(havent slept yet) and i dont have a little smirnoff apple twist in my system which by the way is SOOOOO GOOOD and its 70 proof which isnt bad...heh later
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