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I'm glad someone created a community. Usually you won't find me in a drunken stupor but when it does happen my goodness! I'm 18, a Freshmen at Hofstra University in NY, and party a little too hard on spring break, new years eve, the very begining of summer, and a few other times a year. So the story I'd like to share is this ...

At the begining of this summer my friends and I rented a beach house at our local beach because it's a school tradition. Many other people from our school also rented beach houses and were near by. So, I decided to go party at another house one night there. I got way too drunk and started feeling sick so I went upstairs and sat down to rest. After a while my best friend came up stairs to check on me. Eventually he walked me home because I kept complaining that I didn't have my purse and that it had to be at my house some where. Now, my best friend and I have always had a semi-sexual relationship - we flirt a lot and often end up sleeping in the same bed or he attempts to kiss me at parties we're at together but we've always been jsut friends. But when we got to my house and went into my room quickly to look for it he shut the door and started asking to have sex. At first I laughed it off, I thought he was joking like we always do, but he pulled me over to the bed and we ended up making out as well as some other things but not having sex. Then we grabbed my purse and went back to the party. I thought we'd been in the room for 10 minutes or less and no one would notice. The next day it came up that he'd been in my room and I lied to everyone saying nothing went on. One of my close friends who had the room next to mine came up to me and told me that she wondered how much "nothing" went on for 25 minutes!! I called my best friend up when I heard how long we'd been in there and he couldn't remember any much more then I could. So, there's about 15 minutes of my life a total blank thanks to that day hah. And although there's no akwardness between the two of us about that we never talk about it and both of us just ignore that in some weird drunk moment of honesty we admitted to wanting each other as more then friends.
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