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*WARNING* this is gross

It was my boyfriends 21st birthday and I got really, really drunk. I had many shots of Jack Daniels, plus on top of that I was drinking a lot of Smirnoff. We went to bed at his apartment, and in the middle of the night I felt like I was going to get sick, and I puked all over his nightstand. I was still really drunk and the room was spinning so I got up and somehow found the paper towels. I tried to clean up my puke, and after that I went back to bed.

In the morning we assessed the damage. I still felt sick, from the night before. My boyfriend went to get his cell phone to call his friend, but he couldn't find it. So I called his phone with mine, and sure enough it was ringing from the garbage! The phone was found wrapped up in paper towels filled with my puke.

I guess that when I puked on the nightstand his phone was on there, and me being still drunk picked up the phone in the paper towels when I tried to clean up the mess. He was pissed, and I'm afraid to say that phone smelled for quite a long time.


I have a bunch more other stupid drunken stories, but this is good for now. :)
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